Cebu Game Dev’s Monthly Scrum in November with Exodia

November 26, 2022

Cebu Game Dev organizes the monthly meetup for the month of November together with students, game creator enthusiasts and industry companies including Exodia. The scrum took place last November 26, 2022 at The Company CEBU’s IT Park branch.

The scrum’s agenda focuses on the current situation of the gaming industry in the Philippines – the issues and steps done to continue its improvements. Together with the students, game developers, artists, and others, they were gathered to interact and bond over their shared interests. Different speakers gave speeches about their experiences in the field, how they got started, and the situation of game development in the Philippines right now.

Attendees, along with Exodia were able to exchange ideas for improving the game dev community and obtain suggestions from the attendees on what they would want to see at future meetups. Naturally, there was a ton of fun and excitement when individuals participated in the various game jams that were offered throughout the event. Exodia is also looking forward to attending more of the monthly meetups as well.