3D Art

Our 3D Art squad employs a team of professional artists who are flexible across a wide range of pipelines and is knowledgeable about the latest 3D technologies.

On the latest gaming consoles and VR headsets, we create a wide variety of hard-surface and organic components that are produced in real-time. We create convincing and motivating 3D worlds alongside clients in order to bring their concept to life.


We create our characters, game assets, and props that have an authentic impact by taking inspiration from the past, and the future, real or imagined, and considering their specifications as well as how it was made.

All of the characters were created using Zbrush, a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2D modeling, texturing, and painting. We also used Blender for modeling and Substance Painter for texturing.


Our broad range of abilities enables a wide range of environments to match your preferred art style, narrative setting, and engine. The scene takes place in the spaceship's meeting area, which features a futuristic environment. The color scheme is based on the colors of the character. We positioned the Exodia logo in the middle to represent our company's masterpiece. We modified our client Birds Eye View's preferences and set the statue of the character at the middle. These graphics were rendered in Blender, and the textures were added using nodes.

In order to visualize how the assets will scale, we started the process by using the grey box method. Next, we started making models in Blender, which were then textured in Substance Painter. After that, we render the model after finalizing the lighting in Blender.

In the sandbox, we produced this setting. Players can create, own, and earn money from their game experiences in sandbox, a virtual gaming environment. We were able to construct a city and an underground realm using Sandbox, where players can explore and carry out some of the activities provided by the images.

We modeled the environment using VoxEdit to process it. After that, we imported the assets into the environment we built after uploading the marketplace's assets to Sandbox

Game Assets and Props

One of our client games proudly uses our assets.
Zbrush and Blender were used for modeling, Substance Painter was used for texturing, and together we produced all of the elements.

We render with Marmoset Toolbag to show off our results.
The assets for the VR simulator game, which is a pneumatic and hydraulic simulator, are all Marine components.


Using modeling tools from Zbrush and Blender, we produced all of our architectural assets. We make use of Substance Painter for texturing. We use Marmoset Toolbag for rendering in order to display our results.

Kidbuxx Wealth Journey

Kidbuxx is a fun and enjoyable game for children to learn about financial education. With different characters that teach particular topics, learning is fun with an interactive quiz as a reward.

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