2D Art

Our multi - dimensional 2D art squad specializes in concept art, illustration, 2D game assets, animation, and multimedia arts; the squad can produce breathtaking works ranging from concepts to game assets thanks to the company's diverse skill set.

At any stage of production, we create a variety of aesthetics and game materials. We implement UI, animation, and in-game assets in accordance with the game's design and art direction, and our concepts and art direction lead the visual development in a game's early phases.

Weapon Concept

As a beginner in weapon design, we found it easier to start with basing designs on existing weapons. We took inspiration from a certain game’s way of designing guns and decided to try it out ourselves.

We first gathered references by looking into existing guns. We then eventually settled on the TMP SMG and Snub-nosed Revolver as a base for the design. Then, we sketched the initial design and gradually put details on it until we achieved the desired result. Afterwards, we polished the overall design and elaborated the details for it to be easily referenced for 3D modeling.

Character Illustration

We took inspiration for our character illustration from existing games that featured R18 artworks. It helps in basing characters on archetypes to make character designing easier.

With the help of the team, we cooperated to search for references of different character archetypes to apply to our game. Once the references were compiled, we started designing the characters based on the references and traits we agreed on. Once the characters were sketched and approved, we gradually added the unique details to each character and made the background fit for them.

Character Concept

We were inspired to create our characters while looking at games that have stylized art styles. It is important to include every detail of the design in a character sheet. We drew the output by taking inspiration from the personalities and symbolisms that the characters were based on.

Background and User Interface Art

We were inspired to create the elements and characters while looking at games that had good artwork and UI design. It is important to have feedback every process since it helps with visualizing concepts from different perspectives.

We drew the output by taking inspiration from the things based on our different preferences and mixing them with our authentic ideas. We also asked for feedback on every step of the process (concept, sketching and polishing) from the team to achieve our desired result.

Battle of the Mask

Attack with wonders of magic! Go to the battlefield and break their force with your magic, casting amazing spells and throwing powerful stones at the enemy with the most powerful weapons. Let yourself become the last man standing and play "Battle of The Masks" with the greatest warriors of all time. Be on an adventure and enhance your strength, agility and so on by completing new quests and overcoming your foes!

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