Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lab Simulator VR

In light of the COVID-19 situation, education never stopped for students and made use of internet and media platforms to continue learning. With the help of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lab Simulator VR, it bridges the gap between online class and practical courses.

About the game:

This game is created solely for maritime engineering students to create a more realistic, practical and stimulating way of learning how pneumatic and hydraulic system works. The activities include heaving up an anchor, opening and closing a watertight door, closing a quick closing valve, releasing a ship's cargo, automatically tightening a ship's moorings, etc.

The motion or operation of a machine can be affected by controlling systems in a number of ways. Students are given exercises and assessments with objectives that they need to complete. There is also a free play for them as well. Through this game, maritime engineering students will learn more about pneumatic and hydraulic system and how they were used in the ships.