Kidbuxx Wealthy Journey

Kidbuxx is a fun and enjoyable game for children to learn about financial education. With different characters that teach particular topics, learning is fun with an interactive quiz as a reward.

About the game:

Most kids don't learn anything about finances or money. It might be challenging to get kids interested in financial education because it isn't always entertaining and fun to teach them. But with the help of Kidbuxx, it will make them learn and have fun at the same time. Kidbuxx is a fun, educational game for kids about finance, with characters that teach them concrete financial literacy lessons through interactive games!

Teach children about finance and help them learn important lessons in an interactive way! Kidbuxx will help children improve their ability to plan, save and manage money, as well as develop good decision-making skills by playing with our interactive quiz. Kids will also get rewarded for their progress with a quiz at the end of each lecture. With Kidbuxx, children can learn about money whenever it suits them!